“The Downs,” hidden in the Bonsall hills, offers delicious, reasonably-priced meals

Published on May 2, 2013 by Nathalie Taylor

I hadn’t eaten at “The Downs” at San Luis Rey Downs Golf Resort for quite some time, but it was only because I forgot about the place. It is not an establishment that is on the way to anywhere else – you must purposefully go there. Tucked away in the San Luis Rey River Valley, this quiet resort offers great food in a park-like setting.

The casual bar and grill is set up above the golf course; and a wall of bay windows affords a stunning view of the willow-lined lake with hills in the background. The other side of the restaurant is lined with television screens. So, guests have a choice, either to dine quietly with a marvelous view, or to watch a favorite sports team.

The “Fallbrook Chicken” entr

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