Golf Scores, August 14, 2014

Published on August 14, 2014 by Admin

Fallbrook Seniors Golf Group

Temecula Creek

(Creek & Oaks)

Aug. 5, 2014

A Flight

First place*

Mark Richards 70

Second place

Marty Balow 70

Third place

Steve Wessels 72

Fourth place*

Kelly Swavley 73

Fifth place

Phil Vanderwerf 73

B Flight

First place

Jim Bates 74

Second place

John Davenport 75

Third place*

Hugo Wied 76

Fourth place

John Harr 76

Fifth place

Jim Moss 77

C Flight

First place

Jim Pagen 69

Second place

Wally Bowen 72

Third place*

Tom Tanham 75

Fourth place

Richard Hardy 75

Fifth place

Paul Norberg 76

* card off

Pala Mesa Women’s Golf Club

Aug. 7, 2014

First flight

First low gross

Lori Hurst 39.0

First low net

Jean Laughlin 30.5

Second low gross*

Pat Pipher 47.0

Second low net

Phyllis Molloff 34.5

Second flight

First low gross

Nancy Korchick 40.0

First low net

Rose Bolton 32.0

Second low gross

Pam Lushanko 48.0

Second low net

Lynne Bradley 32.5

Third flight

First low gross*

Louise Greenlee 50.0

First low net

Lois Bisenius 27.0

Second low gross

MaryEllen Myers 52.0

Second low net

Nancy Oschin 32.0


San Diego Senior Golf League

At Miramar

Low Nets

Aug. 1, 2014

Fallbrook 14

Miramar 4


Frank Sperling 63

Larry Sheldrup 68

Tom Beyer 69


Joe Medina 66

Tim Couch 70

Tom Williams 73

Fallbrook Women Golfers

Game – “Here’s The Line Up”

Aug. 5, 2014

First Place 123

Fran White/Megan Phillips

Donna Barton/Julie Miller

Second Place 142

Terri Hunt/MJ Palmquist

Debby Savage/Elaine Pedigo

Closest to the Pin – Dolly Harty

San Diego Senior Golf League Match

At Fallbrook

Low Nets

Aug. 8, 2014

Fallbrook 8

Miramar 10


Larry Sheldrup 70

Alan Smith 72

Tom Beyer 73


Tom Williams 67

Dick Clark 70

Joe Medina 70

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