Golf scores May 8, 2014

Published on May 8, 2014 by Editor

San Luis Rey Downs Women’s Golf

March 20, 27 & April 3, 2014

Club Championship

Roxanne Mueller 231


Jamie Hoffman 238

Senior Club Championship

Marie Weber 280


Dana Rullo 281

Club Championship Net Flight

First Flight Winner

Jeanne Laughlin 228

Runner up

Mary Ellen Myers 234

Second Flight Winner

Edie Barkin 231

San Diego County Senior League Match

At Fallbrook

Low net

April 4, 2014

Fallbrook 13

Steele Canyon 5


Garry Bledsoe 68

Don Brown 71

Larry Sheldrup 72

Hollis Moyse 72

Steele Canyon

Mike Winer 75

John DeSilva 75

Don Heller 78

Ed Whittler 78

San Luis Rey Downs Women’s Golf

Shotgun/Meeting Day

Two Best Ball

April 10, 2014

First place 124

Patti Sullivan

Donna Barton

Pat Pipher

Lily Lesiw

Second place 131

Roxy Mueller

Brenda Vatnsdal

Joyce Witek

Edie Barkin

Closest to the Pin

Patti Sullivan

San Diego County Senior Inter-club

At Fallbrook Golf Club

Low net

April 11, 2014

Fallbrook 18

Twin Oaks 0


Frank Sperling 68

Alan Smith 68

Wayne Becker 69

Twin Oaks

John Cochran 73

Rick Hiscox 75

Scott McClellan 77

Fallbrook Seniors Golf Group

Camp Pendleton Marine Memorial G. C.


April 15, 2014

First place 115

Max Myers, Wayne King,

Mike Lemmons, Paul Norberg

Second place 120

Chuck Wood, Steve Wessels,

Jim Galaway, Ken Corica

Third place 124*

John Crumbacher, Hugo Wied,

Lloyd Voorhees, Jim Paigen

*card off

Pala Mesa Women’s Golf

Club Championship Tournament

Club Champion

Pat Gallagher

Runner up

Sandra Houston

Senior Club Champion

Kathy Wright

Super Senior Club Champion

Phyllis Molloff

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