Locals triumph in state pickleball tournament

Published on June 28, 2012 by Admin

OCEANSIDE – The California State Senior Games (CSG) for pickleball were held at Melba Bishop Community Center. This is the third year for North County Picklers to host this event, and every year the tournament grows. Over 170 competitors participated, traveling from Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Washington, and all over California. This tournament is a qualifier for the 2013 Summer National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio.

One of the highlights of the tournament, according to Beverly Youngren, USAPA San Diego Ambassador and Fallbrook resident, was partnering with daughter Jennifer Lucore in the 5.0 women’s skill doubles and winning gold! But not to be outdone, husband Bob Youngren won four gold medals. See table on right for Fallbrook area winners.

To see all winners, log onto www.USAPA.org (click on Tournament Results). Chris Thomas and Ken Follis were the tournament directors and both agreed that this was by far the most successful CSG ever.

There are now 20 venues in San Diego County to play pickleball. Pickleball can be played at Melba Bishop Community Center on M/W/F/Sat and at Castle Creek Resort T/Th/Sat/Sun, from 8 a.m. to noon at both locations. Upcoming San Diego Senior Olympics will be held on Sept. 21-23. For further information, email Beverly Youngren at IgotITPickleball@aol.com.

Men’s Skill Doubles


4.5 – Guy Grindle/Ron Kraft

5.0 – Bob Youngren/Steve Knapp


3.0, 2.5 – James Naftel/Saxon Rawlings

4.0 – Jeffrey Tanaka/Brett Anderson

Men’s Doubles


60-64 – Randy Narramore/Mike Corbett

65-69 – Bob Youngren/Dennis Dacey


50-54 – Guy Grindle/Brian Hay

55-59 – Steve Brendel/Randy Alms

60-64 – Peter Sidlauskas/Eddie Contreras

65-69 – Terry Streit/Phil Dunmeyer

75-79 – Bruce Oja/Harry Carpenter


75-79 – Bill Wright/Ed Baldyga

Men’s Singles


50-59 – Jeff Tanaka

60-64 – Mike Corbett

65-69 Bob Youngren

70-79 Bill Smith


60-64 – Eddie Contreras

70-79 – Terry Streit


50-59 – Tim Frazee

Mixed Doubles


50-54 – Mary Whitfield/Bob Youngren

55-59 – Cathy/Steve Brendel

60-64 – Audrey Phillips/Contreras

65-69 – Gail Penacho/Dennis Dacey

70-79 Pat Carroll/Bill Smith

Mixed Doubles cont.


55-59 – Pam Jensen/Randy Narramore

65-69 – Barb Wintroub/Marc Rudich


60-64 – Ken Follis/Bev Youngren

65-69 – Nancy Sass/Sidlauskas

70-79 – Mary Wright/Gordon Bolton

Women’s Doubles


55-59 – Trudie Stapleton/Pierce

60-64 – Bev Youngren/Bobbi Cooper

65-69 – Gail Penacho/Nancy Sass

70-84 – Pat Carroll/Benneyan


55-59 – Cindy Crisp/Cathy Brendel

50-54 – Leslie Anderson/Cathy Parkhurst

70-84 – Jane Fraser/Mary Wright


55-59 – Pam Jensen/Steph Ice

60-64 – Janet Heyden/Candy Layton

65-69 – Audrey Phillips/Patti Storm

Women’s Singles


60-64 – Gail Penacho


55-59 – Isma Boyle

70-74 – Pat Carroll

Women’s Skill Doubles


4.5 – Isma Boyle/Gayle Barnes

5.0 – Jennifer Lucore/Bev Youngren


4.5 – Treena Negrete/Leticia Brambila

5.0 – Gail Penacho/Hoggatt


4.0 – Cathy Parkhurst/Sally Dobson

5.0 – Nancy Sass/Whitfield

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